Six Ways to Integrate Technology with Instruction

Compiled by Sherah B. Carr, Ph.D.  ©2010

#1 - Performance Tasks, Problem Solving, Simulations

How can technology provide critical thinking, problem solving, real life performance tasks and simulations?

The Web Quest Page -

GOES Project Science - weather simulation maps

Virtual Roller Coaster -

Use of Spreadsheets to Support Instruction -

 #2  - Pictorial Representation, Graphic Organizers - create word clouds for vocabulary work

Eduplace Graphic Organizers -

The Graphic Organizer -

Imagination Cubed - Free Online Painting Tool

Inspiration/Kidspiration -

Integrating KidPix into Curriculum

Kid Pix Studio Lesson Ideas

Classroom Game Templates - Wide variety of choices! leonard/MiniT/Games/Games.htm

Pete's PowerPoint Station - wide variety of subject area presentations

PowerPoint Instructional Ideas from Vicki Blackwell

PowerPoint Presentations for K-5 - All subjects

PowerPoint Games - Recommended by Sue Carden

PowerPoint Instructional Games - Point Games/power_point_games.htm

Middle School PowerPoint Games -

#3 - Feedback, Information Literacy, Beyond the Classroom

Immediate feedback with basic math skills practice:

Check out e-pals:
This site connects over 4.6 million students and educators in 191 countries for classroom-to-classroom projects and cross-cultural learning in the world's largest online classroom community.

#4 - Tactile learning, Interactivity, Animations

Wikis - Great for collaborative input!
See neat intro to Wikis - Wikis in Plain English

Make Your Own Wiki
PBWiki -
Wiki Spaces -

Teaching with Purpose Wiki -

EdHeads - great animations and activities for topics such as simple machines, weather and even virtual knee surgery!

BrainPOP is an online educational program, providing content spanning 7 main subjects including: Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health, Arts and Music, and Technology. Some activities are free some you need to purchase.

Creating or listening to podcasts...listen to Willow Elementary students

#5 - Writing/Word Processing & Project Presentations

Ideas for integrating word processing into curriculum

Student project based computer presentations
Be sure to see Tammy's All About Me Scavenger Hunt!
See Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers

#6 - Real Life Connections, Visual Tools, Photos

Visual Learning Through Technology

50 Ideas for Digital Camera Use in the Classroom
PowerPoint by Lynn Trudeau and Heidi Miron
Escanaba Area Public Schools, Escanaba, MI

Going Digital in the Classroom - Digital Camera Ideas

Library of Congress American Memory
Primary source documents including photographs, audio recordings, letters, and statistics.