Internet Safety Resources

Compiled by Sherah B. Carr, Ph.D.  ©2011 –  This forum is designed to give teens and parents a voice in the public online-safety discussion. In addition, the site has tips for teens and parents, as well as other resources for safe blogging and social networking.

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Cybercitizen Awareness Program - - This site educates children and young adults on the danger and consequences of cyber crime. The program is designed to establish a broad sense of responsibility and community in an effort to develop smart, ethical and socially conscious online behavior in young people. P

Get Net Wise -   GetNetWise is a site for parents is to educate themselves and their children about how to use the Internet safely.

i-Safe -    i-SAFE is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to educate and empower youth to make their Internet experiences safe and responsible.

NetSmartz Workshop  - This web site is an interactive, educational safety resource that uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach young people how to stay safer on the Internet

On Guard Online -  OnGuardOnline provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety by the FBI -

Protect Kids  -   A web site run by “Enough Is Enough” a non-profit organization with the goal of making the Internet safer for children and families.rcitizen Awareness Program educates children and young adults on the d

Willard, N. E. (2007). Cyber-safe kids, cyber-savvy teens: Helping young people learn to use the Internet safely and responsibly. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

WiredSafety -  This site offers help for online victims of cybercrime and harassment. They provide online education and information on all aspects of online safety, privacy and security.