Teaching with Passion

It is my belief that before a person should enter the teaching profession they must first have a love of learning and be willing to share this passion with students.  They need to truly enjoy working with a particular age group of children.  They must possess a core set of beliefs that all children deserve respect and a chance to have a better life through the gift of learning.  They must furthermore understand that is the responsibility of the teacher to be a child advocate.   Teachers must have an understanding of the need to provide a learning environment where children feel safe, respected and challenged.  

Teachers need encouragement for this daunting task.  Below are some web sites and files with inspirational thoughts for teachers.


Cheer Cards

Print and cut out 32 cheer cards to affirm great student work each day in fun and unique ways.

Classbuilding Activity - People Search
Use this activity for students to get to know one another and recognize the interests and talents they bring to the class.
People Search Worksheet

Getting to Know Me Fortune Teller Game
Template for fortune teller

ME to WE Two heads are better than one - think alone then compare in pairs

Try using a song or a rap to teach a skill...
Go to http://teachers.net and search for the word, "rap" or "song"


A Collection of Inspirational Teacher Stories

Education Cartoons for Teachers by Randy Glasbergen
NOTE: Need author permission for usage.


Inspirational Teacher Poems and Sayings

Lorraine Monroe on 60 Minutes - Part II: Frederick Douglass Academy

Quotes of the Day - great to share with students!

The Bottom Line - a great poem about self efficacy! You need Acrobat reader to view this. Bottomline.pdf

The Creative Teaching Site

A non-profit web site to help develop creative teaching and professional enthusiasm.

The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston
A brief motivational message is published each Monday through Saturday on the web. Each daily message is about 200 words long and can easily be read in a minute or two. The Daily Motivator provides a fast, regular and reliable positive boost each day.
Zaadz Famous Quotes Library
A comprehensive and easily-searchable collection of over 42,500 quotes.  You can search through 8,000 authors and 1,000 quote topics.