Purposeful Lessons

Purposeful Unit and Lesson Design and Implementation

Designing units and lessons with purpose is at the heart and soul of great teaching. Teachers must carefully pull apart curriculum standards and break down conceptual understandings to meet the needs of students. Then the teacher must think how they can purposefully design effective and engaging learning experiences.

Looking at the big picture and where you are headed with content is essential. Mapping out conceptual understanding so students see how ideas fit together is key to the process. Sharing unit content maps with students is the next step in having them visualize the way information is linked.

Below are links to with great resources for unit and lesson development.

New - Information on Common Core

Common Standards -http://www.corestandards.org/
Georgia Standards & Common Core (webinars available on literacy & math) https://www.georgiastandards.org/Common-Core/Pages/default.aspx
Common Core Hub Videos - http://www.gpb.org/education/common-core
Overview Video -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxefsLG2eps
ASCD and Common Core Resources - see external resources at bottom http://www.ascd.org/public-policy/common-core.aspx
Counter Argument - Why Common Core Standards Will Fail

Unit Planning Resources

Georgia Performance Standards www.georgiastandards.org
Georgia Pre-K Standards - Bright from the Start - http://www.decal.ga.gov/Prek/ContentStandards.aspx
Kid Friendly Performance Standards - Washington-Wilkes Primary School http://wwps.wilkes.k12.ga.us/site_res_view_folder.aspx?id=c6a693ac-85ae-4ad3-8bee-b0c9112fb02d
Unit components for Mercer students
PowerPoint presentation on UbD design process
Template for unit map
Assessment Presentation
General Categories of Instructional Strategies
UbD Stage 3 Presentation
Unit Scope and Sequence Calendar Template
Middle and High Unit Components

Curriculum Maps
Carroll County Schools

Content Maps
Math Content Maps http://www.sw-georgia.resa.k12.ga.us/content_maps.htm
Wayne County Schools - sample content maps

Presentation for Mercer Field Experience Students
Attached is file with PowerPoint presentation on unit and lesson planning

Lesson Plan Resources

Ato Z Teacher Stuff Web Site
A to Z Lesson Plans

ABC Teach
Free Printables:  5000+ free printable pages and worksheets.

Thematic units, monthly ideas, content areas ideas

Education World

Lots of resources on a variety of education topics

Has over 2,500 free lessons!

No Teacher Left Behind - over 4,000 free lessons

PBS Teacher Source
Over 4,500 free lesson plans and activities.

The Lesson Planet
Search from over 30,000 online lesson plans by keyword and grade!
There is a yearly membership charge of $9.95 to get full access to the resources on this web site.

Resource Files

Planning and Organizing EMAT605

EMAT605 Wiki Page for Group Unit Resources

Skeletal Unit Template EMAT605

Skeletal Unit Presentation EMAT 605

Sample First Grade Plant Unit EMAT605

Lesson Plan Template in Microsoft Word

Lesson Plan with Guiding Questions

Fishing for Syllables - Sample first grade language arts lesson

Photos of Sample Room Environment Projects EMAT605

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Summer 2009

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Fall 2009

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Spring 2010

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Summer 2010

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Spring 2011

Photos of Sample Learning Centers EMAT605 Fall 2012

Curriculum and Instruction EMAT621

Unit Parts I & II - presentation information

Sample Content Maps EMAT621

Unit Part VIII -  instructional sequence chart template - sample one

Unit Part VIII -  instructional sequence chart - sample two

Room Arrangements - Classroom Architect - http://classroom.4teachers.org/

Learning Center Expo Ideas for EMAT621

EMAT621 Wikis
Focus Topic Groups Wiki Pages - Summer 2009

Focus Topic Groups Wiki Pages - Fall 2009

Focus Topic Groups Wiki Pages - Spring 2010

Focus Topic Groups Wiki Pages - Summer 2010

Contemporary Curriculum EDUC651, 652, 653

Template for unit EDUC651, 652, 653 in Microsoft Word

Sample Units EDUC651, 652, 653

Unit Design Presentation - Stage One

Reading Comprehension Observation Form and Strategies

Sample Data Analysis Project