Performance Task Title: Kindergarten American Symbols Project

Submitted by: Khaki Person

Date: 10/8/2008







  • Goal – You will find out about different American symbols and the importance that each symbol stands for in our country. 
  • Role – you will be a news reporter looking to discover and create a news report on American symbols and the importance that each symbol has in our country. 
  • Audience – You will be creating a new report for students in a kindergarten class in England.  The students do not know very much about American symbols and it is our job to inform them.
  • Situation- The students in kindergarten in England do not know very much about American Symbols and probably do not know the importance of each symbol.  Your job is to help these students to understand important facts about American symbols by creating a short news report introducing the students to the symbols. The teacher will be the head anchor and the students will be reporters in the field. 
    • Group 1 - national and state flag,
    • Group 2 – the bald eagle,
    • Group 3 – the Statue of Liberty,       
    • Group 4 – Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument,
    • Group 5 – White House,
    • Group 6 – Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner
  • Product/Performance – At the end of the unit, you will draw a detailed picture about your symbol.  You will work in groups to create a list of 3 ideas you would think are important for our English friends to know.  You will be recorded “on stage” where you will show your picture and then tell your important fact.  You will dress up for your roll. 
  • Standards/Criteria For Success – see rubric



American Symbols News Broadcast Rubric









My Best Effort!


What more does it need?

Not My Best Effort

The assignment was completed on time.

Shared an important fact and picture of symbol


Partners worked together and took turns helping one another

Each group took turns sharing information and spoke clearly.