Performance Task:  Kindergarten American Symbols

Submitted by: M. Dosmann




Performance Task – GRASPS

Goal – You will be able to describe and explain American symbols.


Role –You will be a teacher.  You will teach a student new to the United States about American



Audience – The new student, Newby Citizen, will be your audience.  He still lives in the far away

Galapagos Islands, so you will send the presentation out via a video podcast. 


Situation - A new student is coming to our kindergarten class!  Newby Citizen is coming from the

Galapagos Islands and knows very little about American culture.  He needs to learn about American culture before he gets to the United States so that he will feel comfortable in his new class.  Your job is to create presentations to teach him about important American symbols. 

                        Group #1 will show and describe the American flag

                        Group #2 will show and describe the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty

                        Group #3 will show and describe the Lincoln Memorial

                        Group #4 will show and describe the White House

                        Group #5 will show and describe the Pledge of Allegiance

                        Group #6 will show and describe the Washington Monument


Product/Performance – You will work with your team and present your American symbol to the

class.  In your presentation, you will use a picture or example of your symbol.  You will also explain the importance of your symbol using new vocabulary.  Our media specialist, Mrs. Fannin will record the presentations and help us make a class video.  We will send the video to Newby Citizen via a class podcast.  You will work with your team by each having a special job and taking turns in the presentation.


Standard/Criteria for Success – See Rubric

                          American Symbol Presentation Rubric      



Thumbs up

Thumbs in middle

Thumbs down

I used a picture or example to tell about my symbol

(5 points)

I can explain why my American symbol is important

(5 points)

I can use new social studies vocabulary words properly

(5 points)

 I can work with a team by doing my job and sharing ideas

 (3 points)