Kindergarten Exploring Similarities and Differences with Animals

By: K. Ford

Date: 10/15/07


Performance Task-GRASPS


GOAL: The goal of this activity is to group baby animals and their moms together in a variety of ways.

ROLE: You are the Zoo-Keeper who must sort through all the animals and sort them by moms and babies, size, color, texture, and habitat.

AUDIENCE: The manager of the Zoo (teacher) will be judging how well you sort the babies and their moms.

SITUATION: There are different baby animals and that are lost without their moms. It is your job to sort the animals into five groups.  You will be given bag of plastic baby animals and a bag of the matching mother animals. It is your job to place the animals in the "pens" (strawberry baskets) by size, color, texture, habitat and moms and babies.

PRODUCT: In the end you will have sorted the animals by five different characteristics in each basket.

STANDARDS/CRITERIA: You will be judged on how well you sorted the animals in their pens based upon the five categories for sorting.




GRASPS Product Example: